Friday, September 13, 2002

Doctors can be such liars!!!!

I went in yesterday to get Mirena, an IUD (inter-uterine-device, a contraceptive that has low doses of estrogen delivered directly to the uterus to prevent pregnancy). I have discussed this particular IUD with two doctors in three different consultations. Both told me that an IUD would be fine for me, I would have a very very tiny risk of having scar tissue build up in the fallopian tubes, which could prevent pregnancy. But the risk was nearly non-existant. After weighing positives, negatives, and medical history, I decided Mirena would be the right thing to do for me. My doctor set up my appointment for insertion for, of all days, September 11th.

They gave me very little idea about what to prepare for. So, I figured (after talking with some friends) to eat a light meal before I went in. When I got to the doctor, it turned out that I should have eaten a fairly large meal about 2 hours prior to the appointment due to the fact I could have some blood loss. But we went ahead with the insertion anyway. She warned me I could have some cramping.

It was the most painful experience I have ever had. I lost about 1 cup of blood, and nearly fainted afterwards (the nurse said that my skin looked grey, and my lips were very faint). My doctor then informed me that I did very well, and that most women find getting an IUD more painful than childbirth! I could barely leave the doctor's office when they finally let me go, my legs were so shakey.

As a consillation prize though, I got percacets. 30 of them. My hubby is ecstatic :)